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The cost to buy 480 HD footage videos at Shutterstock, Pond5 or iStock would be between $13,920 and $37,920.

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Dominate YouTube
Start Earning Money Directly Through YouTube Videos, Even Without Any Previous Experience 
This no-nonsense guide will help you to start growing your YouTube channel into a true authority.

[1] What it takes to become a full-time YouTuber
[2] How to improve the quality of your videos
[3] Generating more income from your views
[4] Building a community
[5] Driving traffic to your videos
[6] How and why you should network with other YouTubers
[7] How you can increase your subscriber rate
[8] How to expand, scale and dominate your niche

...and many more topics 
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Animation Playbook
20 Topics - 1 Hour to Learn How To Master Your Animated Video Creating Software 
Regardless of what software you use, did you know that there is a process that you can follow that makes creating Animated Videos easy to understand and easier to create?

[1] Creating Your Script
[2] Implementing Business Growth Engines
[3] Narrating Your Audio
[4] Editing Your Audio
[5] Determining Keywords
[6] Gathering Assets
[7] Designing Scenes
[8] Adding Music
[9] Using Video Sources
[10] Using Audio Sources

And Ten Additional Topics 
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2,000 Royalty Free Stock Images
For A Limited Time, We're Including 2,000 Royalty Free Images
High Quality Royalty Free Images like these cost anywhere between $4 - $24 on Photo Dune.

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Designer / Developer Rights
For The First Time - We're Including Designer / Developer Rights At No Additional Cost 
Now you can use any of our Full HD Royalty Free Stock Videos in your clients projects and clients videos. Including commercial projects.

You're welcome to charge clients whatever price you like to include Stockocity 2 in their projects. (Please see all rights explained in the FAQ below.)

We're including bonus Designer / Developer Rights to our early bird purchasers at no additional cost.
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    Animation Playbook
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  • Bonus Just Added: Can Use for Client Projects & Client Videos
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